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The latest installment of "former Bulls for a reason"

  • You can tell it's the offseason (although it usually happens closer to training camp) when you read the fan pinings for Jay Williams.
  • While JamesOn 'The Promise' Curry is trying to be the next Jannero Pargo, version 1.0 may be going to Greece.
  • And this made me chuckle:
    Think about the Chicago Bulls bringing in veteran Antonio Davis four years ago to help nurture that young team, and you have an idea of how the organization views the affect bringing in [Kurt] Thomas could have on this young Sonics squad.

    Thankfully the Bulls are past that stage and are now looking for veterans that can play. Although I remember some sentiment of wanting Davis back because he was tall and old, two qualities that for some reason didn't similarly endear everyone to PJ Brown.

    But who am I to thumb my nose at such fans? I should acknowledge that the Bulls themselves wanted Davis out of retirement, and gave another nuturing hero in Adrian Griffin a 3-year contract just last summer.