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Happy self-congratulatory 4-year blogiversary to me

There's no exact date, but this month has marked the completion of  4 years blogging the Bulls.

So, as always on these occasions, I have to first give thanks to those who are reading, 'contributors' and lurkers alike. In terms of motivation to keep writing, only 45% is due to ego: the rest is for you readers, I swear.

I also will always appreciate the camaraderie and collaboration amongst my fellow NBA bloggers. It's amazing to remember how barren the landscape was when I started compared to the wide array of options out there now, both in styles and focus. And especially my fellow SBNation NBA bloggers, who I have a particular investment in after recruiting them aboard, and they've each made me look good as a result.

And speaking of SBNation, a thanks to Tyler and Kos for seeking me out, as if I didn't join this network almost 2 years ago I may have had a greater risk of burning out.

But as of now there's no danger of that happening. I rarely write because I feel I have to (and on the more barren weeks you guys probably wish that wasn't the case, heh) but because the Bulls are a fun team to discuss, and Bulls fans are fun to discuss basketball with. And it's not like there are a lot of forums like this out there for us, so I'm happy to provide some sanctuary for the meager cost of making me the dictator of it.