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Oh no, no no no.

I'm more or less over the Scola non-acquisition already. If the Spurs wanted immediate (not after this season) salary relief the Bulls couldn't match what Houston offered.

But where did this article come from? All indications were that Chairman Jerry were fine paying the luxury tax if it was for a contender. Now KC Johnson states a contradictory speculation nearly as fact:

As badly as the Bulls want to add a veteran big man, general manager John Paxson refuses to flirt with luxury-tax territory down the road to do so. With extensions possibly coming up this summer or next for Luol Deng and Ben Gordon, the financial parameters he has discussed with agents for Smith, Moore and Mihm reflect that.

"We're not going to use the exceptions just to use them," Paxson said.

No Pax, that complete fiscal responsibility ship sailed when you paid 35 million to Deng's backup.

If you truly had a no-tax edict from your boss (and that's another topic if true) then the smart thing to do would have been to let sir flops-a-lot go and start using that 'proactive' spirit with your better players.

Here's hoping it's just an excuse not to spend the full MLE on the guys available, although he really doesn't need one.