Yearned For Center And Forward Traded To Houston

[From the Diaries.

This really bites. Not to pull a Bill Simmons, but couldn't a package around Duhon be just as good for San Antonio? (edit: maybe not if the Spurs were literally just wanting to dump salary. Vaseline Spoons will go to Europe and the contract can likely be torn up)

Butler would just be a perk, although I think less about him than I did a year ago as it's usually not a good sign to be cast aside by the Spurs. I also appreciate the dig at the Nocioni signing. 'Bonner's just as good' was my idea! -Matt]

So says Johnny Ludden.

The Spurs have agreed to trade center Jackie Butler and Argentine forward Luis Scola to the Houston Rockets for guard Vassilis Spanoulis, a future second-round pick and cash considerations, an NBA source said Thursday evening.

Houston needed frontline depth, and really didn't give up much for it. Ludden also mentions Matt "Bigger And Does The Same Things As Nocioni" Bonner was resigned by the Spurs for $9 million over 3 years. Note to Pax: that's how much and how long you pay a bench player.

If you're newish Butler was the Blogagbull free agent version of Sene last offseason.

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