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Some quick tidbits from Portland

In consecutive reports, Oregonian beat reporter Jason Quick mentions "I don't think there is any question the Trail Blazers will look to add some veteran experience at point guard this offseason." and then follows with a more meaty statement:

Chicago has notified Portland that point guard Kirk Hinrich is "untouchable" in trade talks, so you can scratch off the list any of those Zach Randolph for Kirk Hinrich scenarios.

And speaking of Randolph, the Oregonlive BlazersBlog disputes KC Johnson's claim that the Bulls are skeptical on acquiring Randolph due to his poor practice habits:

I've never heard a single person, on or off the record, mention that Zach doesn't go hard in practice. In fact even those who might not like Z-Bo's behavior, on or off the court, consider him a hard worker in the gym.

Not that I treat either as the truth, I just hope that the team is more concerned about how Randolph practices than his 'extracurricular activites'.