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Problem with my plan

This is reference to my initial thoughts after the lottery, where I reasoned that the best course of action with the 9th pick would be to package it with a sign/traded Andres Nocioni and some other parts to get a starting power forward for next season.

I didn't spell out this logistical problem at the time, but it is certainly an issue: the draft is June 28th and free agents (including restricted ones like Noc) can't be even negotiated with until July 1st. So unless there's a lot of shady under-the-table negotiation, the Bulls won't be picking for another team and packaging that pick with Noc.

That doesn't mean the pick can't be traded on draft night, it just can't be paired with a big salary to acquire another big-salaried player. Maybe someone on a rookie contract who can be had for #9 and Duhon, for instance. And Noc (or PJ Brown for that matter) still is a candidate to be a part of a sign/trade deal. But could Pax just take any prospect with that pick and hope it'd be wanted by any team that's a part of such a deal?

So it's realistic that we could see this #9 pick being made not to be traded itself, but to replace in the rotation whoever is traded later. And that really can open up the possibilities to all positions, however perhaps only to players ready to contribute right away.

(tip o' the hat: Red's Army)