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Mid-week link dump

  • Carnival of the NBA #44, which leads with a messed-up comic. (And speaking of the Carnival: I swear, going forward, I'm going to do more to maintain a schedule for it.)
  • In that similar spirit of blog solidarity, I've updated my blogroll on the right side of the page. Just a few new entries, but check them out.
  • I exchanged emails with Dave from BlazersEdge regarding Zach Randolph, and the aftermath is here. I think my first point is the most relevant: it's all up to whether the Bulls want Randolph and his contract in the first place, before getting into the actual trade package.
  • More Zach Randolph talk at the OregonLive Blazers blog (which is run by an SBNation alumnus, dontyaknow). It's a collection of quotes from John Hollinger's ESPN chat (where he yet again took a shot at Pax for not doing a Deng-for-Gasol deal) on Wednesday. And, yes, that question from 'Matt' is me.
  • Finally, a Bulls draft post from blog bigwig The Big Lead. Instead of saying they shouldn't draft Hawes because he's white, this one is they shouldn't draft Yi because he's foreign (heh). I'll have more draft thoughts of my own, the meantime I hope the community out there does some feverish scouting work (or better yet just grabbing quotes from other scouts) instead of just generalizing. I have to say I've barely watched any college ball, and not a lick of Chinese-league ball. Sad, but true.
  • Lastly....BlogABull NBAdraft (dance) party? Email me if you're interested, I'm hoping enough people are excited about it to where it forces me to actually do something to get the ball rolling.