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Official 2nd round picks thread.

Aaron Gray and JamesOn Curry.

I have little to say about either. Gray is a big oaf (and that can be good) and JamesOn seems like a taller Jannero Pargo. I expect the college basketball fiends out there to fill in the rest.

Gray replaces Sweets, JamesOn may be the Duhon replacement, although they'd still need a 'pure' pg for emergencies. I guess that could be Andre Barrett.

But alot can change in summer league. Another Linton Johnson III can sweep us off our feet again! The Bulls do need guys to take up roster spots so both of these guys could stick around.

I will only say that last night I declared JamesOn's nickname to be 'the promise'.

(Plus I think it's too soon to refer to him as 'Curry')