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I got nothin left.

The draft is less than 24 hours away, and I'm equal parts excited and ambivalent.

The draft itself is fantastic, but I'm realistic in thinking our entire Bulls basketball world won't change much tomorrow. Sure, whoever is picked may someday lead to something earth-shattering (maybe even later this very summer), either in long-term development or allowing a 'big' trade. But I'm thinking for now we'll just see a pretty good prospect wearing a Bulls hat and trying not to stare at Stu Scott's glass eye while simultaneously answering some inane half-question.

I wouldn't assume that same guy will be a Bull for the next 20 minutes, 20 days, or 20 years, but until I have reason to rip his play I'll be happy he's on the team. When we know who the Bulls' guy is, it won't be about Pax picking or not picking 'your guy'. By then he's our guy, damnit!

As far as the right strategy, it's been well documented that I'm up for whatever. Maybe that's why I have the sunny attitude suggested in the previous paragraph. I'm sure there are those who feel a lot stronger about who to draft, but we won't know if you're right or wrong for several years, and by then won't remember or care either way. I'm guessing a lot of us are converts to the church of Tyrus Thomas that wouldn't have dreamed such a thing a year ago.

Having a lottery pick as a playoff team is like playing with house money, specifically from Isiah Thomas' house. I can't find the situation anything but fun.

Consider this the last draft thread before the official draft thread.