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Announcement: BlogABull draft party

Alright, I'm going through with this, even if it winds up with me either getting crank-called by PaxJax or stabbed by JoeJoe: The second annual BlogABull draft gettogether is on.

I kid, last year was a lot of fun, and that was with fifteen or so people attending. Site readership has grown a lot since then, so I'm expecting even more this year. Whether that's good or bad I'm not sure...

Location has been designated (unlike last year, this was decided unilaterally by me) as Union Park, which is on the near West Side and actually quite close to the United Center. So we can storm the place after they trade the pick and a future first for Nick Collison. It's a nice place with plenty of TVs, quality drinks, good food menu. May seem like an odd choice to you trendy northsiders out there, but I feel pretty good about it. 

Quite easy to get to: Blue Line Racine stop if you're going by train. For the driving, it's close to several of the major expressways and unlike some other neighborhoods there's parking to be had. You all have google maps at your disposal, but if you need help leave a comment and I'm sure there's plenty of direction experts here to help.

Please let me know in the comments or by email if you plan on attending. I'd like some sort of rough estimate before the big night.

In case you needed reminding: Draft is next Thursday (6/28) and coverage (if not picks) starts at 6pm Central.