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Standing Pax

TYI correctly jabs back at TrueHoop's one-liner regarding the 'wasting everyone's time' nature of a lesser offer for Kobe (specifically, John Jackson's take):

The fact is, the Bulls do not need to make this trade. At all. They can stand pat with what they have, see if Kirk, Ben, Luol, Ty and Thabo can continue to improve over the next 2 years or so (and whether Wallace starts to radically deteriorate), pick a decent player in the upcoming draft, and sign a nice bench player with the mid-level and, really, who could bitch?

Meanwhile, the Lakers are facing a star with a no-trade clause who will only allow himself to be traded to a handful of teams, none of which can offer a player in return who's the caliber of Ben Gordon. It's an uncomfortable situation, one that seems to be trending toward intolerable. Patience is a virtue that we can definitely afford.

It's a whole different subject as far as the timeline the Bulls should be looking at, (I think the Bulls should be a little more pro-active and make a run with Wallace, not worry already about 'replacing' him) but I think the important reason for patience is that this team is just one player away as is. Taking a shot at Kobe or KG or Gasol while gutting the team isn't worth it because then the team is still one move away.  Perhaps closer in the big picture (it's easier to replace a Hinrich than a Bryant, for instance) but not by that much.

The Bulls only make these trades if it's the last addition for a title run.  Disgruntled 'stars' are made available for a reason, and usually traded for lesser talent for that very same reason. A lot of time it's that 'time-wasting' offer that gets accepted, simply because they're better than the rest.

I'd trade Gordon pretty much only if it was in a deal for Kobe, Tyrus only if for Gasol. I don't trade two of Hinrich/Deng/Gordon/Tyrus for anyone. Add either star player while keeping nearly all of the rest, don't take apart too much of this very good team for another version of a very good team. If there's one big move (I don't mean some other sign/trade with Noc or Duh) to be made, make sure it puts the team ready to win the title this year.

It may be too much to ask, but that's what Pax should want. Have your cake and eat it too, because what the hell else would you do with the cake?