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Difference of opinion

John Jackson on a potential Kobe deal:

A package of Ben Gordon ($4.88 million next season), Chris Duhon ($3.25 million), Viktor Khryapa ($1.93 million), Brown[signed/traded], the ninth pick in the upcoming draft and a future first-round pick might be as high as Paxson can go.

I think these scenarios that include PJ (like Chad Ford's odd column this weekend) as a sign/trade candidate are too far-fetched to even consider.

For one, the team can't even negotiate with him until July, so having him and this pick means a lot of handshake agreements. Not that such things can't happen in the NBA, but it seems awfully risky to draft for another team while assuming your free agent agrees to a contract in a couple weeks.

And why exactly would P.J. Brown agree to a trade to a gutted Lakers squad? He seems leaning more towards retirement (or signing with a contender) than another season with a young team, even if it's accompanied by a fat 1-year deal.

Meanwhile, Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld (via GetGarnett)takes on what the Lakers asking price could be:

The ideal package would be Ben Gordon, Deng, Wallace and Thabo Sefolosha for Kobe Bryant (along with say Mo Evans). The ninth pick in the draft may be appealing to LA in lieu of Sefolosha, but the defensive specialist might be able to fill the hole at point guard.

At least Pincus is realistic in the timeline, meaning that a deal before the draft would have to include Ben Wallace. But he not only shows a low opinion of Wallace, but a too-high one of Bryant:

The Bulls would have Bryant, Hinrich, Evans, Tyrus Thomas, Viktor Khryapa, Adrian Griffin, Chris Duhon and the 9th pick.

They also would have one of the worst teams in the league.

I much prefer Jackson's scenario (even if someone else had to be included instead of the '07 pick)...and a package like that which keeps Deng as a Bull is loads better than whatever crap the Knicks could offer. And I don't think Pax is the type to bid against himself.