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SBNation mock draft: Bulls pick has been made

I waffled between Jeff Green and Spencer Hawes, and settled on Hawes.

What it came down to was acknowledging that Jeff Green was no sure bet to contribute either, and that Hawes could possibly follow a Tyrus Thomas-like path of increased minutes as the season went on, even if he wasn't 'ready' right away.

So it wasn't completely for 'need'. I don't think Pax should take Hawes if he's truly far away from contributing just because his skills fit more of what the Bulls are lacking. At a pick this valuable it's too much of a risk to reach for a need, because if Hawes is a bust, then not only do you still need a low-post scorer but you punted your pick. But I'm assuming Pax will have enough information to make the judgment amongst Hawes and the rest of those potentially available at #9 to limit his risk.

In this mock-draft game, I did have a tentative agreement to deal the pick to the Spurs with Duhon and Khryapa for the rights to Luis Scola, Fransisco Elson, Beno Udrih, and the #28 pick. But I assume the Spurs 'GM' was busy last night pouring champagne on his head, so we ran out of time. There was also late discussion with the Hawks representative to deal down to #11 and nab Zaza Pachulia in the process, but that was turned down. Other proposals for Duhon (and Khryapa) included Brendan Haywood, Etan Thomas, and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Unfortunately those players had long-term contracts, which is why I liked that proposed Spurs deal a lot more. However, like the unknown with Spencer Hawes, I trust that Pax knows a lot more than I do regarding whether Luis Scola can play.