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Boarding schooled (that's the lamest rebounding pun I could think of, I promise)

(Oreb% is basically the percentage of available offensive rebounds that the team gets.)

Bulls opponents Oreb% - Season 25.7%
Pistons Oreb% - Season 28.3%
Pistons Oreb% - Game One 34.1%
Pistons Oreb% - Game Two 40.5%
Pistons opponents Oreb% - Season 29.1%
Bulls Oreb% - Season 28.6%
Bulls Oreb% - Game One 25.6%
Bulls Oreb% - Game Two 18.2%

The Bulls are not only failing to exploit one of Detroit's few weaknesses (giving up offensive boards), they're getting destroyed on their own glass.

I wish I could (or should I say, wish someone else did) isolate the series statistics and take out the garbage time, but this is just as damning:

Explain the Bulls getting outrebounded [in Game2] 13-4 in the first quarter?

Aren't rebounds 20 percent talent, 80 percent want-to?

I'm not sure about Rick Telander's percentages, but there is something to be said about the Pistons simply giving a damn and getting to more boards. I also think seeing PJ Brown getting benched in the first couple minutes of each game isn't helping, maybe Skiles could just let PJ stay out there with two fouls instead of bringing in the comparatively-board-deficient (although surprisingly enough to me, not by much) Nocioni right away. Or ::cough:: Tyrus Thomas. Either way the Skiles (only?) strategy of going small seems like it'd only make this problem worse, although judging by the opening minutes of both games staying big isn't getting results either. Ben Wallace is getting drawn out of the paint by Detroit's bigs but that shouldn't excuse him for most of this blame, it's what he's being paid to do.

The Bulls are having a tough enough time as it is keeping the Pistons from making shots. Allowing multiple opportunities is not only draining on the defense but it keep the Bulls from pushing the pace when they finally do get the ball. When they push the pace they can get easier shots and make more of them. Maybe getting back home helps the 'want-to' a bit, but playing some taller lineups is also worth a try.