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Game 2 aftermath thread

I needed to break up the game thread, so let the wailing and (Steve) nashing of teeth commence.

That's not meant to belittle any 'sky is falling' comments, I'm sincerely discouraged as well.

Everything was bad tonight, yet again. At least we don't have to read that the team wasn't properly prepared or didn't play with energy. Nope, they're just not as good. Especially worrisome that the 'core' is getting destroyed by their counterparts. Hinrich, Gordon, and Deng have to outperform Billups/Hamilton/Prince, or at least come close.

It almost makes the rest of the team's problems moot, but continuing to give up offensive boards doesn't even allow the offense to get started. Wallace may have gotten a few easy baskets in the half but he was nowhere to be found when the Bulls needed someone guarding the basket. It's a problem that the jump-shooting Detroit bigs present, but Wallace also has to be conscious of running around trying to get steals and as a result leaving the paint open.  

And the bench play and deployment almost is beyond the point of criticism. Continuing to run out Duhon and Noc didn't kill the team, but it buried them after the early death, yet again.