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Slightly more analysis than 'they all sucked'. Slightly.

It's tough to believe this Bulls team has a ton of weapons and can survive off nights from some of them. Maybe they can against some squads but not against a team like the Pistons. If Ben Gordon puts in a few more stinkers they're toast.

The start of the game was just as bad as it could've gone. Chauncey Billups on 3 straight possessions hit 2 shots and drew a foul on Gordon. Moments later Gordon picked up an unnecessary foul going after a loose (lost) ball. But it wasn't just the foul trouble, Ben didn't play well even when he was in the game, and when playing nearly the whole 2nd quarter only attempted 2 shots (and got to the line once). Lindsay Hunter did a nice job on him during for most of that stint, but that's a matchup that Ben has to dominate, or at least get some shots for himself.

The problem with the early foul trouble to Gordon and PJ Brown was only exacerbated by the horrendous performance by the bench. Nocioni was aggressively awful. In three and a half minutes he had 2 turnovers and 2 missed shots (one was a joke of an attempt that got thrown back into his face by 'sheed), and during that time the Bulls also managed to give up 3 offensive rebounds. Duhon was predictably bad, and the rookies played as such. But while this may just be bias towards the lure of potential, I'd rather see Tyrus and Thabo make rookie mistakes than Noc and Duhon just looking too undersized to do much at all. Playing the rooks didn't work out on Saturday either, but it's a risk I still think will be worth taking, especially with the size Detroit possesses. I don't think Saturday was a referendum on their poise, they just didn't play well and they had plenty of company in that department.  I don't anticipate either leaping up a spot in the rotation to start the next game though. You'll have to fill me in if during the 4th quarter they showed anything to possibly change that,  because by then I was watching the fight.

(One aside on the rotations, which isn't worth harping on when everyone plays poorly: I found it strange that during Thabo's entire ten-minute stint in the 2nd quarter he was always playing the three. Just didn't seem like that's the best way to use him as it diminishes his strengths as a big guard. That small lineup (Kirk/Ben/Thabo/Luol/Wallace) is more likeable than with Duhon as the third guard, but they were getting manhandled on the boards regardless)

I thought Hinrich played well, and Luol didn't play great but he was attacking the basket more than usual (including a dribble-drive-dunk, which is rare for him) which bodes well for the series. That's it for the positives. Another one is that there's little wait between games, so the Bulls don't have to let this humiliation linger much longer. Monday night is another chance to steal a game, and doing that can erase that team-wide suckfest that was game one.