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Battle plan

So now we know that the Bulls are picking #9. Not the most coveted position, but a spot with some value.

However it seems like more of a value to a bad team. I still think the pick should be packaged in a trade, and that's not only out of laziness in terms of 'scouting' draft prospects, heh.

Clearly, the big hole on this team is the power forward spot, and more specifically one that can post up his opponent for a high-percentage shot (or foul shot). But despite talks about how much better of a draft this coming one is compared to last, Tyrus Thomas has a better chance of being that then some of the names tossed around at #9.

So instead of getting another young unproven chance at that result, I still think it's better to go for a proven commodity. The Bulls can start with that pick and expiring contracts like Duhon (~$3.25m) and Khryapa (~$2m), and/or signing and trading Nocioni and use that salary to upgrade the pick into something that can be that final piece to the lineup. If they have a chance at aquiring somebody really special (like Pau's a short list) then you can consider giving prospects like Tyrus or Thabo.

During the next 4 weeks Pax should be looking for a guy not making too much money (i.e., KG and O'Neal being out out due to cap logistics) and not too old, and use this pick to get a prime-time starting frontcourt player. Sitting on this team and adding another young guy isn't a bad fallback plan if no deal comes together, but the effort should be made. In one of the greatest-hyped drafts ever that #9 pick may get some bad team (or taxed-out team) starry-eyed, allowing a good team like the Bulls to add that one missing piece.