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NBA Draft Lottery thread

I'm going to miss actively rooting against the Knicks. Sure, I suppose most of us will always root against them, but the past two years have been extra special knowing their pick was coming to the Bulls.

Tonight's the potential payoff of all that hate, and this article from breaks the whole lottery process down for ya. Here's all you need to know for the Bulls chances:

Chance of top pick: 1.9%
Chance of 2nd pick: 2.2%
Chance of 3rd pick: 2.7%
Chance of any top 2 pick: 4.1%
Chance of any top 3 pick: 6.8%

Would've been better odds if not for a meaningless Knicks win on the last day of the season, but ah well. The more likely odds are as follows:

Chance of 9th pick: 78%
Chance of 10th pick: 14%
(11th and 12th picks each < 1%)

I have no special rooting interest beyond the Bulls in this lottery, and especially don't believe in any such crap about what teams 'deserve' to win. Like any lottery, who deserves it has nothing to do with the matter (unless you think it's fixed, in which case you should turn off your computer, walk outside, and eventually make your way into oncoming traffic). Any team that has a great shot at a top pick likely did it by bungling their roster, so none of them really 'deserve' it.  Except the Bulls (and the Suns) of course!

The best part is that we will soon no longer need that caveat of "unless they get a top-2 pick" when discussing the Bulls and other team's needs this offseason. After tonight, the trade scenarios and mock drafts can get real interesting.

So like Mr. Shanwald, make sure you have your lucky Krause pennies and enjoy the overblown coverage. Chances aren't great, but thanks to Pax (and, of course, Isiah) at least we all have a rooting interest in a night for losers.