It Just Wasn't Their Time

[From the Diaries. Had to get a new post up there since the game thread has kindof gone to hell. I'll probably have more this weekend, but I'll say there's good arguments to be made for both minor and major changes, and each requires a bit of faith (or lack thereof) when evaluating Hinrich/Deng/Gordon. They lost the game and the series because they weren't good enough. Whether they'll be that much better to come isn't a foregone conclusion. 'read more' for the diary -Matt]

I'm throughly disappointed with the way the serious turned out,  I was optimistic that the Bulls were the more capable team but I was wrong.

I'm not going to write that we need to trade the whole team, that is just ludicrous, and I wont be comparing Skiles to Collins.  (Doug has the balls to have bleach blonde hair, Scott would kick his own ass if his hair was blonde) They just aren't the same coach thats the bottom line.  

I agree with Matt that Skiles relies on Duhon and Nocioni way to much.  I wanted to punch myself in the head every-time they were on the floor.  I've never been this angry over players before but the time for them to move on is now.  If Pax is serious about winning a title they need to go.  Thats the bottom line.  There is no excuse that those two were of the bench before the rooks.  

The Bulls need a low post player and we need one soon.  Paul Gasol isn't the answer because he doesn't play defense well enough.  I would love to get KG but McHale isn't going to trade him.  So I really don't know who that leaves the Bulls to pursue, I would love to have AK47 on the team, but they would want to have Noc, who would be a good fit with the Jazz.  I really have no idea who else we could seriously get without mortgaging the future.  So if you guys have any reasonable Ideas let your voices be heard.  

Remember this isn't the end but just the beginning.

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