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PLAYOFF Game Thread: Bulls vs. Pistons Game 6

Some breaking news to start, WSCR just reported that both Wallace and Duhon were late (again) to the game. Wallace was late for game 4 and Skiles did nothing. Duhon got a DNP for that same game but Skiles claimed it was due to matchups (i.e. they weren't playing an ACC team), and not the infraction.

Who knows if he'll be benched to start this game, and it's not much of a deal if Skiles decides to. To be honest, I'd be more concerned if Ben Gordon was late. Although if anyone is 'benched' for things like this it's usually for a minute or two. Maybe a Thabo start?

Moving on, one should hope that any perceived boost from the Pistons realizing they may be in trouble is counteracted by the Bulls home crowd. But a quick start would be nice. The Bulls simply cannot let those offensive rebounds get away, because even though it didn't hurt them in the last game you can't assume the Bulls will shoot an ungodly percentage again. I would think Wallace will be more of a factor tonight.

The usual keys apply: get turnovers (and, yes, those boards) to push the pace. Try and make life miserable for Billups. Limit the Noc/Duh minutes.  Don't pass up shots. Get the core guys going.

Man, if the Bulls win tonight it'll make for an insanely fun weekend. Get it done Bulls! I'll show up late to work tomorrow to display solidarity with the squad!