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PLAYOFF Game Thread: Bulls vs. Pistons Game 4

The longer the Bulls are in the playoffs, the more we can learn about the roster, so there's that benefit to winning a few games even if they have a near-impossible shot in the series.

I think we've found out that they can't match up with the Pistons yet, but a win would at least show glimpses of being somewhat comperable. And at the very least it will give Detroit fans reason to worry about their 'close-out' ability in series, or something.

I'll be at the game today, so if it's another loss it'll be a very depressing United Center and that's no good. If the Pistons jump out to an early lead it might get extra depressing as Skiles will likely empty the bench for some garbage time, and that doesn't help us learn anything.

So it's come to this: rooting for more learning experiences!