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I miss the old days

Tyrus Thomas: 20min +10
Andres Nocioni: 8min -12

Ah well, can't win 'em all. But  I did find it strange when the game was spiraling out of control at the end of the 3rd quarter that Tyrus wasn't put back in. Maybe he (and the other returnees) weren't fully up to speed yet.

With the Raptor win and Heat loss Sunday, it's looking less likely that Miami will get the third seed. That means staying in second is pretty important. Not that they can't beat the Heat in the first round, but I'd rather not see how well they have to play to beat them and the refs.

The Bulls have 4 games in 2 weeks: Knicks, Bobcats, @Wizards, @Nets. Win them all and keep the second seed. If I didn't hate the phrase 'nuff said' I'd apply it here. Hopefully they can get the wins while still easing Nocioni's way back into the rotation for the playoffs. And even better if Cleveland loses again (Nets, Hawks, @Hawks, Bucks) so that final game in Jersey (depressing and strange arena that it is) is rendered meaningless.