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Quick site updates

  • Made a few updates to the Blogroll last week. Not as many additions this time, but some cleanup was made to clear out defunct blogs. Always a sad process, but hey, I got a reputation to maintain. I'm sure there's bad links, misspellings, and omissions already, so please email me if with corrections.
  • Carnival of the NBA widget is now in it's own place on the left sidebar. I haven't been pimping it a lot lately, but I recommend you keep track of the Carnival's whereabouts. Don't just read this blog, there's plenty of good stuff out there.
  • Also on the left sidebar is a link to my new favorite time-waster: Ballhype. From the creator (and friend of this site), Jason Gurney of, it's a place where the reading community can select and promote their favorite sports blogging content. Here is a better description of what Ballhype's about. What you see on the right is stories I've submitted to Ballhype...basically posts I've read and found interesting, but wouldn't otherwise blog about. I pretty much stick to the NBA portion of the site, but there's similar sections for other sports as well. 
  • And as a heads up, there are some network-wide updates that will be made to the commenting interface.  Here's an example of what you should expect.  I'm not sure what exact day they'll be rolled out here, but I think it'll be soon. Either way, don't freak out when you see them. (Or do, I guess it doesn't matter.)