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Some game two tidbits

Damn, one of the Bulls beat writers need a blog so we can get info like this:

Cast in the role of Luol Deng was Dorell Wright. And there, matched against Wright was Dwyane Wade. Translation: Wade was preparing for another go-round against Deng, after the Bulls forward took advantage of his height advantage to score 33 points in Game 1.

Cast in the role of Ben Gordon was Jason Kapono. And there, matched against Kapono was Eddie Jones. Translation: Jones was preparing for another go-round against Gordon, after the Bulls guard took advantage of his quickness edge to close with 24 points and a career-best 11 assists in Game 1.

Time after time, when assistant coach Erik Spoelstra diagrammed a Bulls play, Wade moved to Deng's spot and Jones shifted to where Gordon would be stationed.

After practice, Riley only would offer, "We may change some of the matchups, but I don't think I'm changing the starting lineup."

Maybe Jones will be a step slow because he thinks guarding Ben Gordon is like walking alongside Jason Kapono?

Either way, just because the lineup mismatches were there in game one doesn't mean the Bulls will automatically exploit them as well as they did in that game. But I'm just looking to see if the Bulls try. That means going to Deng often and forcing Riley to make a move.

The Heat's team defense was formidable down the stretch of the season, but I can't help but think a lot of that had to do with Wade being out and both Jones and Posey in. Now that Wade is not only back in the lineup but hurting, judging by game one that defense isn't the same, and it'll take the Bulls (namely Deng and Gordon) themselves being ineffective or timid to stop them from capitalizing.

Speaking of ineffective (ba-zing!) Adrian Griffin is reportedly going to be on the active roster for game 2 after missing the last several games with back spasms. He didn't do well against Dwyane Wade in last season's finals, but especially with Wade hobbled he can likely give a more admirable effort than Chris Duhon. Here's hoping that Griffin isn't automatically vaulted over Thabo as designated backup Wade-stopper, but having him available in case of emergency is better than not at all.