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Game Thread #64: Bulls vs. Orlando Magic

The Bulls have gotten creamed on both occasions this season by Orlando.

Are they just a bad matchup for the Bulls? With the acknowledgement that nobody in the East is good enough to be scared of, the  Magic certainly pose problems simply because of Darko and Dwight. The answer to their shotblocking? Attack the rim and get them in foul trouble. They both like to foul, it's true!

It's not as if they have the type of backcourt to stay in front of Gordon or Hinrich (and Deng as long as he doesn't actually have the ball), but it seemed last game they just got scared of getting their shots thrown back in their face.

I guess they're as bad a matchup as any, as they're a good defensive team (7th in the league). But come on, this team shouldn't have the Bulls number. They're crumbling out of the Eastern Conference playoff picture, and even though Grant Hill is back, he's coming off the bench tonight and likely with 1 working leg.

TNT game tonight, which means Ben Wallace is likely to show up. But then again he's been particularly bad against Orlando. Which small-sample-sized trend will bear out?

One that definately will is Charles Barkley dismissing the Bulls by saying they don't score enough. And then saying Miami and the Nets are his favorites in the East. Because they have the most players whose names he recognizes. It's quite the evaluation system.

This is an open game thread, where we know drama...