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Waiting awhile after this game to post was therapeutic

Alright, lets talk about what went wrong tonight:

Name   Min   FG   3Pt   FT   Reb   Ast   TO   PF   Pts 
  L. Deng  35 3-14 0-0  2-2 6 1 2 0 8
  B. Gordon  36 6-18 1-6 1-1 8 4 2 4 14
  K. Hinrich  30 5-11 1-3 0-0  2 1 6 4 11

Um, that's pretty much it.

Kindof funny that it happens on a day when the idea is floated that they could all potentially average 20 a game.

This happened against Detroit too: There may have been points where the team made huge runs and stayed close, but if you step back from the in-game roller coaster ride and just realize that their three best players all didn't play well, then it's not hard to see how the Bulls lost. Losing this big doesn't make that any less or more true, methinks they just packed it in getting ready for Orlando on Thursday.

And it's not all about the 'core' being perimeter players and the inconsistencies of being reliant on the jump shot. When the shot isn't falling they should all be at least getting to the line. They had 3 FTAs against the Heat, a team whose perimeter defense has long been labeled suspect. Perhaps replacing Dwyane Wade with Eddie Jones helps in that department, but it shouldn't this much.

They're allowed to have off nights, but not all 3 at a time, and this was beyond 'off'. When their individual games suffer to this level, the Bulls have no chance. We should hope that it doesn't happen often. Because that's not being inconsistent, it's being average. And 3 average guys isn't good enough to make a playoff run this season. (luckily in this conference they don't have to be 3 studs, either)

But, eh, chalk it up to just a real bad game. Personally it was important (just because of Heat-hate), but for the team it is no more important than Orlando tomorrow or the last 3 they won. Lets all forget this mess happened...the Heat just as easily shook off the opposite result on opening night.