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Game Thread #74: Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

As I'm sure everyone here knows, a win places the Bulls at the #2 seed.

There were a couple things that I liked in that Pistons game (there were a lot of things not to like, mind you) that I hope continues. One was the offensive aggressiveness of Ben Gordon, who was drawing fouls early and getting the Pistons in the penalty. Hopefully that agressiveness wasn't also the reason he was getting dumb fouls himself in that game, and he can do one without the other.

But speaking of dumb fouls, Tyrus Thomas managed to not do that, which meant he stayed on the floor to the end, and finished with only 1 foul and 3 (hey, that's good for him) turnovers. Both Gordon and Tyrus are guys who are their own worst enemy in terms of playing time. I think Skiles has enough faith in each of them now to leave them out there as long unless the fouls and turnovers force him otherwise.

Another huge game on national TV. That means it could be another monster night for Ben Wallace. For those who say that shot he made down the stretch was lucky, well of course it was. But it was just as unlucky for Ben Gordon to miss 3 free throws in a row. If you were going to say that was him not being 'clutch', then fine, acknowledge Wallace's off-the-top-of-the-backboard shot as 'clutch' too, and then realize how silly that word is.