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Open Thread: Who are we rooting against tonight?

No Bulls game until Sunday afternoon, but there are plenty of other NBA games to watch. I won't judge and say that staying in and watching NBA games is lame on a Friday night, because after all I write a freaking blog.

Armed with the standings (don't forget this one), lets spread the hate! (Desired winners in bold)

Denver @ Toronto: If things turn out where the Bulls stay #5 and the Raps are locked in at #4 (it's likely), if the Bulls have a better record they still get home court advantage.

Charlotte @ Philadelphia: Either way works, a win for either brings them closer to Knicks-ville. But it's a long shot.

New Jersey @ Orlando: Either one winning keeps the Knicks from the Playoffs. I'll pick Orlando since they'll probably need the wins more.

Miami @ Indiana: Stays ahead of the Knicks with a win. And seriously, screw Miami. Nice to see them play a road game for the first time this month.

Dallas @ Boston: Just to make Celtics fans fret over their tanking adventure.

Portland @ Atlanta: Portland's closer to the Knicks in the league standings...although Atlanta may have a better chance of catching them just by playing in the East.

NewYork @ Cleveland: I dunno, I guess there's some doubt since the Bulls are chasing Cleveland for the second seed. But if it makes you feel better, the Knicks are gonna lose anyway, so why suppress those feelings of joy?

Lakers @ NOOCH: Keeps them ahead of the Knicks in the league standings.

Detroit @ SanAntonio: Because the Pistons are whiny and I freaking hate them.

Utah @ Clippers: See NOOCH.

Washington @ GoldenState: Either one helps, the Wiz losing messes up their playoff seeding, while it'd be nice to have the Warriors also stay ahead of the Knicks. But I can't deny the guys at GSoM their good time.

Minnesota @ Seattle: Minny's a half game ahead (behind?) the Knicks!

Did I miss anything?