PF Situation: Next Season's Inside Scorer

Sirus is playing and you hear the exciting announcement..
"And now, the starting line-up, for your Chicago Bulls!" They proceed to annoucne Luol Deng, Ben Wallace, Ben Gordon, and Kirk Hinrich. But who is going to be out scoring PF? Here is a list of players I think could fill the only real hole on the team.

Chris Webber, Detroit Pistons
I still don't know why we didnt even consider this, other than the fact that somebody would have had to been cut. The Bulls would be far and away the best team in the east right now if we signed him. He's shown this year he has something left and I don't think the Pistons signed him to a multi year deal.

Darko Milicic, Orlando Magic
I know he still isnt the dominant threat some thought he'd be by now, but I still think he could become one. At the same time however, I feel this would be a very low option for the Bulls, and he seems to be more of the 'second guy' than the starter.

Tyrus Thomas, Chicago Bulls
In my perfect senario, Tyrus becomes a 15-17 ppg man and the search ends here.

Nazr Mohammed, Detroit Pistons
He'd be under contract so a trade would be needed, but because he isnt playing much in Detroit he could come cheap. If you look at his stats he is still having a good year, he is just stuck at 16 mpg.

Eddy Curry, New York Knicks
OK, OK just listen for a minute. The Bulls need an inside scoring PF/C and Eddy happens to be an inside scoring PF/C. This is an idea that I hope does not happen and I am just listing for the reaction, but if Tyrus becomes a major defensive force, would it be worth trading Wallace for Curry?

Al Jefferson, Boston Celtics
Exactly what we need, scoring PF. Not sure if he's a free agent though, and if not it would be hard to swing him from Boston.

Michael Sweetney, Chicago Bulls
He always 'could' be the answer. Will he be the answer? Will he get in shape? The answer is the same.

Pau Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies
I dont want to trade Deng/Gordon, but at the end of the year depending if they end up with Oden, they might accept  PJ Brown (sign and trade), Nocioni, something else. Still as doubtful as ever though.

Chris Kamen, LA Clippers
Inside scoring PF. Trade would be needed though, and not really a go-to-guy type.

Drew Gooden, Cleveland Cavaliers
See above, although I dont know if a trade is needed here.

Spencer Hawes, Washington

Greg Oden, Ohio State
Would require a draft lottery miracle cash in.

Marc Gasol, Spain

Feel free to agree, argue, or add your own ideas.

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