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Seriously, screw this draft

Unless the Bulls win the lottery, of course.

But assume they don't. The Knicks are playing well enough to where even if that pick is in the lottery it'll provide something like a 1% chance of a top-3 pick. If the season ended today they'd be picking at 13 and likely will finish around there.

So now that the NCAA Tournament is underway along with it's accompanying full-on hype-fest onslaught, the names start flying out for guys the Bulls could pick: Hansbrough, Hibbert, Yi, and basically anyone else who's over 6'8".

Do you really want any of these guys on the Bulls? Or does everyone just like playing mock draft too much to help themselves?

I think the draft is fun too, but to me it's something that fans of bad teams should have more fun with. The Bulls don't need more players (especially young ones), they need better ones. Ideally, only one, really good one. There's nobody in this drafting range that would even be an upgrade over Thomas or Nocioni in the rotation, so what's the point?

If anything it's about value. This pick may not have much value to the Bulls, but to a rebuilding team,  first round draft picks, no matter where (especially if they don't have one), mean they can get someone young and cheap, but beyond that they also provide hope. That way when their team sucks yet again they can always point to their young draft pick's development.

But the Bulls are beyond that, they are ready to win. And I think Bulls fans should be beyond it too. So instead of drafting whoever has a good week in the tourney, they can use the pick, perhaps package it with a player on the roster (Nocioni, as a restricted FA, would likely make the most sense), and make an actual upgrade in the rotation. It may make things less fun on draft night, but I remember spending draft nights waiting for the days when the Bulls didn't have to care about the draft.