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Postgame podcap

Luckily for me, Celtics fans have their very own independent podcast. So I was able to bring some Bulls love in a chat with Justin from CelticsStuffLive after Tuesday night's game.

Don't worry, it's fairly balanced between the two teams. It's actually quite a long talk, so we go over a lot of topics, including the game itself, the long-term forcast for some young players, as well as each team's plans for the offseason.

I'm looking for some feedback here too. I already know I have a nasal delivery and say 'you know' too much. I still think I'm better than Mike North though. But more important than my delivery, I think I nailed the main point in that game: Wallace and Thomas are the type of athletes in the frontcourt that few teams can match up with. (and also, it's scary when you see Ben Wallace take 21 shots)