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Game Thread #66: Bulls vs. Boston Celtics

For yous who like to come up with a causal relationship between the Bulls success and what color jersey they wear, the Bulls are wearing green tonight for St. Patrick's day, who, as we know, is the patron saint of selling more jerseys. (In a related note, a section of the Chicago river today seemed like it was dyed shit-brown, and I have no idea what holiday parade that's supposed to celebrate.)

And in a delicious bit of irony, they're playing the Celtics. I think if the Bulls played the Celtics 100 times the Bulls would win 106 times (based on point differential, of course). At least in their current states, the Bulls are just an especially bad matchup for the Celtics. As we saw in the game Sunday, Ben Wallace can single-handedly shut down Al Jefferson, and you can say the same with Luol Deng and (the fat) Paul Pierce. And it's not just injuries, even when healthy the Celtics are no good defensively, and the Bulls can really pick bad defensive teams apart, especially at home.

Of course, any given Tuesday a team playing to lose can beat a team playing to win. But I'm with Luol Deng, who's words today are surely to get an unnecessarily reactionary blog post any minute now:

"We have 17 games left, we really think we can win all of them. The schedule is in our favor right now."

Yeah Luol! Of course that's some dreaded potential bulletin board material to the Pistons, but only if the Pistons are whiny idiots. And that of course is likely. (There are few examples of sports nonsense I hate more than 'bulletin board material')

This is an open game thread, where you shouldn't be scared of any team. At least, er, in the Eastern Conference. (and playing at home helps).