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Game Thread #65: Bulls at Boston Celtics

This begins the Bulls barnstormin' tour of the ass-end of the NBA. Celtics have actually won 4 of 5 though. This game was supposed to be on ABC, but since the Celtics suck so bad they moved it. At least they also moved the time so it's not blacked out like last week.

I'm interested to see how legit Al Jefferson is. He's been putting up fantastic numbers lately, but that always seems easier to do when your team is playing for nothing (the last month of the Bulls '02-'03 season made me cynical for life). However his production has always been good, just wasn't getting minutes.

I may call into Celticsstuff Live after the game.

I get a feeling this will be a blowout victory for the Bulls, against bad defenses(especially with no shotblockers) they can do their thing. Although, it is a road game...