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Game Thread #50: Bulls at Sacramento Kings

Tonight is not the night to embrace the 3-guard lineup. I can imagine Duhon crouched in the Duke-defense position, with his arm lodged in the back of Ron Artest, as Artest just pulverizes him as he backs into the post. Oh sure, Duhon will flop to the floor in an attempt to weasel out a call or at least some 'attaboy' applause from Skiles, but Artest will shrug it off for the dunk, and for added emphasis step on Duhon's nuts as he descends from the rim.

Assuming sanity sets in instead,  Artest vs. Deng will be a fun matchup to watch. But while his defense is still good, Artest and his teammates are mostly stars in name-only nowadays. Mike Bibby is having his worst season, Brad Miller's been below-average, and the same for Shareef Abdur-Rahim. The one guy who is playing great this year is Kevin Martin, shooter extraordinaire.

Although I'm sure most of us here remember Martin from his last game against the Bulls, a completely depressing home loss that still angers me. Oh look, that links to another bitch-fest over Chris Duhon's minutes. Good to know the game remains the same here at BlogABull.

These next two games are big, as the Kings and Warriors are both reeling Western Conference opponents. While every road win should be viewed as a gift, these are completely winnable games. Thee Kings backcourt puts up little effort on defense, so hopefully this is a game where both Gordon and Hinrich can stay on the floor and post big numbers. Keeps the 3-guard lineup from ruining my night. (maybe in the coming days I'll go into why it gives me such an awful feeling...there is a reason)

Blogging with the Enemy: Sactown Royalty

This is an open game thread, where you can go instead of listening to TNT's halftime coverage of the Bulls. I'll save you the time: Barkley will say the Bulls can't score enough to do anything.