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Frontcourt on the frontburner (updated)

UPDATE: Noooo! ::sobs::

The official word on Noc is that he's out 7-10 days, which is not as bad of an absence as it could've been. I mentioned yesterday that this could hurt his trade value, but unlike My Man Sam(tm) I doubt it specifically effects negotiations with Memphis. If the Grizzlies are dealing Gasol they likely don't care if Noc sits out for a few weeks, it'd only hurt their draft position (a clear directive if they do trade Gasol). He may be little more than an expiring contract to them.

On the court, Noc's unavailability led to more awkward lineup combinations. Malik Allen and Adrian Griffin were poison out there, Allen's contribution a -11 in 5 minutes, and A-Drain a -8 in 8 minutes. I'll give Skiles credit in that he didn't go back to either in the second half, instead giving some of those minutes to Khryapa and Sefolosha, who both played well. But not too much credit as Duhon logged 27 minutes. And this was a game where he shot well (and attacked the basket), but that doesn't mean I want him out there. Actually, it wasn't just Duhon who was going to the basket, as the team racked up 47 FTAs, led by Deng (15) and Hinrich (11).

[Quick aside on Adrian Griffin: It's unbelievable how bad he's looked this season. His turnover ratio is a comically bad (we're talking Tyson Chandler territory) 20.0! That's especially terrible for a player that's supposed to be in there to 'be a soothing presence' or 'ease up his teammates' or whatever cliche is said when he's on the floor. With Noc out they do need him as 5-10 minute backup SF, but hopefully he gets back to his career norms of merely near-turnover-free offensive impotence. Luckily there's not much of a sample size with this year's minutes, and his career turnover ratio is half what it is currently]

But while Khryapa found his way to the court, it was yet another noticeable DNP for Tyrus Thomas, someone you'd think would be the guy who'd gain minutes with someone at his position out. It's clear that he's in the doghouse (or as Skiles would likely say, 'not earning time in practice'), and/or held out for an imminent trade. Maybe his recent comments about the All-Star game will endear himself to Skiles, who's "expressed his dislike for the game in the past". (For talk of Tyrus' dunk contest participation, comments, and ensuing fine, please keep it to this earlier thread. I have as much enthusiasm talking about it as apparently Tyrus does in participating.) If Tyrus does stick around beyond the deadline, I won't be surprised if he's solidly in the rotation in time for the playoffs, if only because Skiles' rotations change wildly throughout the season. And if that's the case I can't wait to see the creaky-kneed Pistons frontcourt trying to handle him. Yes that was an unnecessary shot at the Pistons....but I'm just simmering until the 25th.