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Super Bowl Bears post

In the Venn-diagram of reader loyalties, I'm sure there's plenty (but not entire) overlap between the readers here and Bears fans. So to satisfy the outliers, I will link these two videos as they include glimpses of Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich. However they also include George Wendt (though thankfully not Jim Belushi), so beware.

Bear Down

Outtakes of the above

In my personal sports hierarchy, maybe a Bears championship isn't quite at the level of the Bulls or Cubs (::hangs head in shame::) doing the same. But it's close, and what sets it apart is nothing would mean more for good ol' civic pride than a Bears win today. And as someone who works and lives here, the thought of simultaneously sharing delirious happiness over today's win (hopefully it's too cold to set stuff on fire) and burying the memory of the '85 Bears sounds fantastic. Having Rex Grossman shove it up the ass of the collective talking-heads out there (I'd almost be tempted to use the word 'hater' in their case!) is an added bonus.

So I'm completely fine with this Bears town overlooking the Bulls for the next couple months. (before our guys stampede through the East playoffs of course). Go Bears.