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Game Thread #48: Bulls at Portland TrailBlazers

Remember those heady days of the summer when we debated endlessly over whether to take Aldridge or Thomas? Not that anything can be determined yet, but Aldridge is having a fine rookie season. His minutes have been limited due to the 'showcasing' of Jamaal Magloire, but he and fellow rookies Brandon Roy and Sergio Rodriguez (who'll be out for the game) are part of a glut of young players the Blazers have. Ok, now debate Thomas or Roy!

The Blazers lost an overtime game last night in Denver, so this may again be one of those games where you hear 'energy' said a lot. I watched a bit of last night's game but in the distracting environment of a bar, although it seemed to me that the Bulls lucked out with good performances from Nocioni, Duhon and PJ Brown. Hopefully it doesn't need to come to that tonight. They will need PJ to help guard Zach Randolph, unless Skiles wants to try Sweetney again (kidding).

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