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Game Thread #57: Bulls vs. Washington Wizards

Last night's game was pretty frustrating before the final 4 minutes. And even during that time when they closed out the game I lost it seeing Duhon letting Donyell Marshall pick his pocket.

Speaking of turnovers (of which there were 22 last night), Adrian Griffin is freaking poison out there.  Now that Duhon's making his threes maybe I can use A-Drain as the primary object of this site's ire. Duhon still plays too much, but last night was a game where Hinrich and Gordon made several stupid fouls, so what can you do. In those situations when both were out it would've been nice to see Luol Deng assert himself more. Luckily he hit two key shots to help the Bulls pull away...but before that there were several times where he settled for bad shots or refused to take one at all.

But obviously the story was Wallace, in likely his best night as a Bull (so far). Maybe it was the national TV audience, maybe it was him gearing up for the Pistons...but it was a joy to watch. Tyson Chandler can never have a game like that. Not necessarily the rebound (or even block) numbers, but the way he goaded some foul calls getting Anderson Varejao out of the game, converted layups, getting 5 assists and 1 turnover...

Apparently the Bulls did make a trade deadline deal, and it was for the real Ben Wallace. At the very least the next 2 games are on national TV, and against 'rivals' (if a currently mid-level team can have such), so hopefully the effort stays up.

The Wiz are the same as they ever was: bad defense. A good game from the 'core', and they should be fine.