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Game Thread #56: Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

What the hell was that? This year's trade deadline failed to reach even my low expectations. And that's league-wide, not just the Bulls.

Ah well. So we're stuck with this bunch throughout the season, remaining one player away. That player may have been available, but likely at a price that would still keep the team a player away. Unless you think Ben Gordon can be easily replaced by Juan Dixon or Fred Jones (because, uh, they're the same height).

I can live with not making a move. But that means the rookies are staying and therefore need to play. Thomas and Sefolosha have more of a chance of making the difference in a playoff series than Chris Duhon and Malik Allen.

Start it tonight, a pretty huge game at Cleveland. Cleveland's good at home, the Bulls suck on the road. Will any of this change by the time the playoffs come? Either way, this is the team now, and it'll be nice to see Gordon and Deng develop throughout the year. But I don't want to also have to see the more limited players still getting heavy minutes. Just too much of the same old. Maybe their midseason acquisition could be getting the rookies back in the rotation.

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