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Game Thread #54: Bulls at Charlotte Bobcats

Good catch  by the fellas at TYI  today point out that Raptors game was lost in the 3rd when Malik Allen had his shooting shoes on.

What concerns me more was the third quarter, when the Bulls got themselves back in the game through the clutch shooting of Ben Gordon and Luol Deng. Both of those guys were, at that point, on fire, leading the Bulls from a 8 or 10 point deficit to, I think, a 3 point lead. Toronto calls timeout and hits a three (one of their 11!) and then the Bulls go on offense, and thus starts a string of five or six trips down the floor when Ben Wallace or Malik Allen take all of our shots. I'm not even saying they were bad shots--normally, when Malik's got an open jumper at the top of the key, I'm all for him taking them--but Gordon and Deng were lights out at that point. How can you not keep going to those guys when they're REALLY feelling it?

It's even funnier (or more depressing, depending on your perspective) when you check out the Play-by-play, or the GameFlow. It was a -9 stint for Allen with a lineup also having Deng, Gordon AND Hinrich. And him (and Wallace) were the ones taking shots. Fan-tastic.

I'd go into it more but this Charlotte game's about to start. Gone are those heady days of 9:30 start times, my friends!