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Thoughts on the Clipper game and All-Star selections

I thought Skiles panicked last night in terms of his lineup choices. With Ben Wallace out, Skiles did not just sub in for his role, but jerked around much of the entire rotation. Malik Allen started and played 27 minutes after 7 out of his last 10 games were DNPs. Duhon played 19 after his last 5 games totaled 8, 12, 0, 0, 10.  Griffin had 14 minutes after 5 straight DNPs.

Meanwhile, after getting boosts in minutes the past couple weeks, Thomas and Sefolosha had 2 and 3 minutes apiece? I don't think I'm being one of those fans that just wants to see young guys because they're more exciting: limiting these guys minutes are hurting the team.

It's been well-documented here why Thabo should get more minutes at the expense of Duhon, and I'm not sure what Duhon did recently to earn back those minutes for last night's game. If anything the Clippers would be an especially poor matchup for Duhon, since they have guards like Mobley, Cassell, and Livingston, who are all not only tall but have post-up games. Not only was Duhon mismatched guarding those players, there was a point in the 4th were he was matched up on Corey Maggette.

And I don't understand why Tyrus Thomas wouldn't just be told to 'be Ben Wallace' in Wallace's absence. No he's not nearly as good, but Tyrus and Ben they do similar things, the very opposite of what Malik Allen does well. I suppose I understand the reasoning behind wanting more size starting against Kaman and Brand, but Kaman was in foul trouble much of the game and played only 21 minutes.

I'm just hoping it wasn't a case where Skiles put in the rookies, they have a bad stretch (and they did), and then Skiles goes back to 'his guys' because they're on the road and the rooks don't know what it takes to win on the road. Whatever that means.


And I wanted to throw in a word about the all-star reserve selections, which  will be held shortly. Nothing gets my laptop more quickly thrown out the window (besides maybe 'can we resign everyone?!?' and 'have Noc play the two!') than talk about who got 'snubbed' for all-star selections. That and bitching about who the fans voted for. It's an exhibition game, you shouldn't care deeply who gets there that may not have been 'deserved'. If no Bulls make the team, is that a slap in the face to one of the best teams in the East?, it's just the All-Star game and has no bearing on the Bulls as a team.

The rosters are dependant on many factors that have nothing to do with whether it's 'deserved'. It's who got voted in, what position is stacked, who's hurt, what conference you're in. And it's based on half a season! Jamaal Magloire was an all-star and Carmelo Anthony never has been. It's pretty much a meaningless designation, I couldn't tell you who was even on the team last year. Now if the Bulls players start making all-NBA and all-defensive teams at the end of the season, that's something to look for in terms of recognition.