Jim Boylan officially named new coach (UPDATE: Gordon benched)

UPDATE: Boylan, during a WSCR interview, indicated that Ben Gordon will be benched in favor of Chris Duhon. No word on the rest of the starting lineup, but I consider it indication to now give up on the season until Gordon's traded. Thanks, Bulls, for the heads up! -Matt

[Thanks to HongyDraw for passing along the official announcement.

Found this quote interesting from Pax: "Jim has paid his dues as an assistant coach and has his own ideas on the way he wants us to play" -Matt]

The Bulls have announced that Jim Boylan is the iterim coach for at least the rest of this season. They announced it on their website today.

anyway......this season is a wash. i wonder where gordon and wallace will play next year. DENG AND HINRICH ARE TEH UNTOUCHABLEZORZ!

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