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Open Game Thread #26: Bulls at San Antonio Spurs

I doubt we'll see any big-time coaching philosophy changes from 'interim-interim' head coach Pete Myers tonight.

In fact, it makes more sense to me to do nothing than sitting Ben Gordon, or going further, starting a lineup of Hinrich/Deng/Griffin/Smith/Wallace. Yipes. (in fairness, the rest of that article has good ideas)

But what will I be looking for tonight? Just hoping that Tyrus and Noah get plenty of burn, pretty much.  And to a lesser extent, Sefolosha and Gray. As far as the major concerns, such as the continued crapiness of Hinrich, Gordon, and Wallace(speaking of, Hanley refutes the 'Skiles quit on us' quote from Wallace), and random dissapearances of Deng for that matter, maybe the weight has been lifted off their shoulders and they can perform. I don't think that's what will be the actual reason for an in-season turnaround, but if they believe that's the reason, that's good enough.

Meanwhile, here's some background on likely future 'interim' coach, Jim Boylan. Knowing absolutely nothing about his coaching style, he seems as good of a hire as any, and far better than some of the suggestions around here, since he's at least paid his dues as an assistant in the professional ranks. And even if this chance is just to be a Paxson puppet, that can serve him in the future.

Manu is out for the Spurs. Which is great news not just for the Bulls chances, but limiting the comments suggesting why the Spurs can sit Manu but the Bulls can't sit Gordon.

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