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One day, you'll be telling your grandchildren about 'The Aaron Gray Game'

Well, the Bulls broadcasting crew will, anyway. Especially Tom Dore, who likely saw the NBA player most resembling what Tom Dore the NBA player would've been.

So, great. Grayte, even. We now have a couple of wins in our pocket every season: the Aaron Gray low-post presence game joining the Duhon-hits-6-threes game. Gray was drafted to take over the Mike Sweetney role, providing a few minutes of being a big dude who can somewhat score, and he performed better than any appearance by Sweetney last season. Made his open shots, dunked when he could, found cutters (when he's double-teamed for whatever reason), and was also solid on the glass.

The team needed something from the big rookie, as Ben Wallace was out with (previously unmentioned) bone spurs in his foot. Knowing this pregame, Skiles looked into the mirror after finishing his comb-over routine, and said: "they think we're a jump-shooting team? I'll show them a jump-shooting team!!!" And rolled out a starting lineup of Hinrich/Gordon/Deng/Nocioni/Smith. And they predictably sucked to shit when starting each half. Funny how that happens when you have a frontcourt that can neither rebound, block shots, or finish in the lane. What a crock.

Luckily a Tyrus Thomas substitution changed that. While 'lame, odd, and old' were yelping during every Aaron Gray touch, Tyrus Thomas was quietly having a fantastic game. He was finishing around the rim, made a post spin-move, and drained several jumpers. And defensively, even when he got lazy (or tired, or unfocused, or whatever causes him to get lost) he made up for it with the hops, most spectacularly evidenced by his block of Jamison in the 4th, where he not only caught his own block, but was able to stay inbounds and get fouled. He then made his two free throws. I know what you're thinking Skiles: Did he sprint down the court to take those free throws? Just leave the kid out there, not only will he save your job but you can claim you're developing him in the process.

Seeing that Skiles was quick to put in Thomas and Gray to supplant that awful starting lineup, perhaps Skiles does believe in the 'performance-based' minutes, as long as Wallace isn't playing? We even got to see the dream lineup of Hinrich/Gordon/Deng/Tyrus/Noah, albeit not for long. After all, this was the Aaron Gray game.

Now let us never speak of it again.