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Holding pattern

I'm still in wait-and-be-pissed mode with this team. Nothing inspiring coming from that game against the Knicks, except perhaps some giggling at Eddy Curry's expense. (His contract is uninsured, you nits, nobody's trading for it.)

So not much for news, the Bulls are doing just enough to preserve Skiles' job, yet not nearly enough to give the fanbase (unless you're really reaching) any confidence. December 15th came and went, so now the entire roster is eligible to be traded. But major upgrades won't be available yet, and that's the only type of deal Paxson should consider (although here's a non-major trade that's my new pet idea: half-year rental of Corey Maggette).

There is also the continuing story that Thomas and Noah will never see the court together. Not 'stabilizing' enough (also stable: a toilet before flushing). Just the kind of demoralizing talk that has me expecting some spot minutes with Griffin guarding Kobe Bryant Tuesday night.

Griffin's calming influence will then cause jerkos to chant for Bryant, and Jay Mariotti to not be able to stand up for a few minutes afterwards.

(I'll be much sunnier if they win, promise)