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Open Game Thread #19: Bulls vs Seattle SuperSonics

Bulls can get fat this week, facing Seattle, Indiana, and the Knicks.

And then we can all superficially correlate those wins with Tyrus' reduced playing time.

First up is the Sonics, and this basically says it all:

Fans should see a fast-paced and sloppy game that in all likelihood will come down not to which team executes in the waning seconds, but who blunders into an unforced error. After all, Seattle boasts the league's 29th-best offensive efficiency at 99.9 points per 100 possessions, and the only team trailing the Sonics -- c'mon, you saw it coming -- is the Bulls, at a staggeringly bad 97.1.

The legend, Kevin Pelton, outsourced his Bulls coverage to me today, so go there and check it out.

Here's wishing for a Ben Gordon night of hot handedness.