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What is there to say? They're playing bad.

And it's sort of pointless to concern ourselves over little things like the return of the tiny-ball lineup, Thabo's poor play and quicky diminished minutes, Nocioni being even more of a ballhog (usage rate) than last year, or wanting Aaron Gray to play.

If Hinrich, Wallace, Deng, and Gordon are this bad, there's no quick fixes that make a difference.

Hinrich/Gordon/Deng are likely fine, unless they've inexplicably regressed as players in their mid-20s. Hinrich's foul troubles are getting more annoying by the year, Gordon is still falling down, Deng is still not aggressive enough, but we shouldn't think they've gotten this much worse to be at the level they've shown these first 3 games.

The complete disappearance by Ben Wallace is far more concerning, although it's likely that he's still hurt. With Noah out, maybe I should be indeed clamoring for Aaron Gray. You can't play a rebounding specialist who can't rebound. One of the few brighter spots has been the play of Tyrus Thomas and Joe Smith, so hopefully they can keep trying to make up for Wallace's awful start.

Three games is a poor indicator of anything, except knowing they won't be getting off to a fast start, which was a worthy goal for this season. Seeding is key, so losing games to bad teams will come back to hurt them. I'm not worried that this team has gotten worse than last year, I'm just disappointed that they haven't shown to be better. I was quite hopeful that'd be the case.

Now the real thing to worry about is the lack of a quick turnaround making Skiles 'shake things up' by starting Duhon. I'm not sure I'm kidding.