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Open Game Thread #10: Bulls at Denver Nuggets

I really like the Nuggets roster and think they'd be the top team in the East. In fact they could be a top team in the West, if things go right. They gave the Spurs a heck of a scare in last season's playoffs, and with a returning Kenyon Martin (who's overpaid but at worst is another decent big) and more precious gelling time of Iverson and Anthony, I really liked them as one of the non Mavs-Spurs-Suns who could make a run.

Unfortunately for them the injuries have hit early, as starting PG Chucky Atkins and freaking-man-beat Nene are hurt. And we should all be thankful Nene won't be around to toss around the Bulls bigs. I always liked Nene, damnit, so while it's good that he's out for the game (8pm, CSN) I'd like to see him back soon to gauge this Nuggets team.

What about the Bulls? As far as I know (the 'my bulls' email service), Deng is out and A-Drain still in the starting lineup. It's been wrong before (it said that Tyrus would start in the Lakers game), but if Griffin's out there, is there really a point to watch? not really.

I mean I likely will watch it, but it'll have no consequence. If Griffin, Nocioni, and Joe Smith are racking up heavy minutes it just hurts the team all around in various ways: Noc and Smith are injury concerns (remember Noc's feet trouble? How's consecutive 40-minute games helping?) going forward, we'll know nothing about Tyrus and Thabo (and Noah) and how they're developing, and playing Adrian Griffin over anybody on the team likely hurts them short term, anyway. So we're punting games, and not getting ready for the postseason.

A win is a win, so I'd gladly take one (especially one that's a projected loss). There's a good chance the shooting comes around soon, as the Nuggets aren't known for their defense and like to up the pace. Remember kids: when the shots fall, we'll have energy. Not the other way around.

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