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I'll keep saying it's early until it's too late

Saturday night's debacle against the Raptor was a perfect game to not watch, and I obliged for the most part. After seeing the first sub-20-point quarter you get a good idea of how the game's going to go. It would've been nice to see some of what happened in the season's only win carry over, but the league doesn't really work that way. Either you're good or bad on a night, and momentum is assessed after the fact. Right now the Bulls still are bad, and mostly because their best players remain as such.

There's a lot of discussion over what the team can do, but I don't see any real solutions besides just relying on a regression to the mean. Nearly every individual player is doing worse than expected, and except in the case of Wallace it's hard to believe that they've forgotten how to play.

So in terms of minor changes, Skiles' hockey line-change on Saturday wasn't going to work (not that keeping starters in that night would), and for the same reason I don't see promoting worse players to the starting lineup helping much. Firing the coach rarely works midseason (even if it did 'work' I don't see it being because of the new guy), and I don't see any 'tuning out' or upcoming mutiny on the horizon so I can't endorse a desperation move. 

Perhaps getting out of town will help galvanize the team, but any discussion of the merits of booing is more of a way for fans to think they matter more then they do. I don't even want Bryant (at 'any cost', anyway), but if I was at Saturday's game, the frustration (and just to be an asshole) I'd likely join in on a Kobe chant, or at least boo like crazy. It shouldn't effect them and it likely (hopefully) doesn't, so I'll place getting booed in along with being in trade talks and not getting contract extensions all in one big bucket of who cares.

They don't need a spark, they just get their core guys playing better. Wishin' and hopin' is all that can be done on that front, not just from the fans (come on, the boos? really?) but the organization as well. Because if anything, messing around with the lineup or coach will be pulling the plug on this team this season, and indicating a big-picture problem with this regime. I'm not ready to concede that yet.

And this shit start even hurts the "go get him, boy" crowd, as a bunch of former-prospects around Kobe Bryant isn't much to cheer for either. Not to mention he likely wouldn't want to be a part of it in the first place.