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Sam Smith hacks up Tyrus Thomas yet again

We all remember Sam's "Tyrus is basically a jerk" article from around last season's dunk contest. Now, he also doesn't work hard!

Though he's a rookie, Noah is older than Thomas and has played in more big games, having won two NCAA titles at Florida. He has had problems with his shoulder, but he's a relentless competitor and has been a willing learner thus far, unlike Thomas.

Noah fits the Bulls' profile of a hard worker who will practice more than he's asked to. Thomas remains the exception. Not surprisingly, he disappointed the Bulls this summer by not working out here.

Thomas has the kind of athletic talent no one else on the Bulls has. He can do things none of the others even dream about. But players with that kind of talent often take shortcuts, and Thomas does.

Noah can't afford to take a minute off, so he doesn't.

The 'not working out here' revelation does bring some light towards Skiles' skepticism over the jumpshots he was 'supposedly' taking.    

This is (not surprisingly) just conjecture by Sam, and we've seen actual reports that have Tyrus as the frontrunner to start. So hopefully this is just Sam going after Thomas again because he plain doesn't like him, and it shares no sentiment with the Bulls. After his bizarre 'how can you turn down ten million?' column, maybe Smith just really was bothered by the 'free money' comment.